Two Blocks Farm

our Story

The story of Two Blokes began when Matt and Andy met in the winter of 2011 when they both returned to Canada after living and working in England. Andy was working as an aerospace engineer while Matt was on a leave of absence from urban planning to study cider making. When they met, they instantly bonded over two things: the UK and cider.

Matt’s love for cider “grew” from his farming background. Being raised on a farm, he saw first-hand the rampant path of unsustainable practices around him. However, this didn’t stop him from seeing a potential and vital role for small-scale agriculture and value-added farm-based products. He got to work and applied these new sustainable farming methods right on his family farm and laid out plans for proper English cider orchard.  

Since perfect UK cider requires proper cider apples, in 2012, Matt and Andy commissioned a nursery to grow a pile for them.  While UK cider apples are grown for alcohol production, not eating (please take their word on this), these special apples contain unique flavours and tannins that eating apples don’t have to create the best cider on the face of the earth.

Andy’s engineering background led to his fascination with the art and science behind cider production. To satisfy this interest, in the spring of 2014, both Matt and Andy traveled to Cornell University for a week-long cidermaking course taught by Peter Mitchell. With the mysteries of cidermaking revealed, they were ready to up their game.   

In the spring of 2015, with the incredible support of our friends and family, they planted their first major cider orchard. The orchard contains over 2000 apple trees representing ten delicious bittersharp and bittersweet cider varieties. Now, three years later the orchard is coming into production and they’re excited to start sharing the unique tastes of these apples with a cider community that is thirsty for something unique and different. And this is just the beginning of the story.