Meet The Two Blokes

The story of Two Blokes began when Matt and Andy met in the winter of 2011 when they both returned to Canada after living and working in England. Andy was working as an aerospace engineer while Matt was on a leave of absence from urban planning to study cidermaking. When they met, they instantly bonded over two things: the UK and cider.

Andy and Matthew Two Blokes Cider
Cider is a great medium to connect people with the land and producers behind the product.

Hi, I’m Matt (Bloke #1)

As a fifth-generation farmer, it’s with pride that farming is in my blood.  Growing up in the country I was always curious about the city, which led me to study architecture at University of Toronto and urban planning at Ryerson University. Through my urban planning work, I became increasingly involved in the sustainable food movement and specific projects that linked heritage and food.  

My interest in cider evolved from my desire to link my urban planning work in rebuilding rural communities through innovation and economic development with my personal experiences. I saw my family farm as a potential case study in these ideas and cider as a perfect junction that could both breathe new life into operation and engage people in the process of making cider.  

Since starting Two Blokes Cider, Andy and I have made education and engagement two of our primary goals. As part of our initiative, we regularly host events at the farm and invite people to visit and work in the orchard for an afternoon.  The reward is a delicious farm-to-table dinner (with cider of course) hosted in our beautiful 19th-century barn and an evening under the stars.


I’m Andy (Bloke #2)

Greetings and welcome to Two Blokes Cider! While Matt is busy with the artistry of craft cider making, I’m the bloke the that keeps the nuts tightened, the fermentors bubbling, and pumps flowing. My background is in mechanical engineering which, believe me, comes in handy when designing a cidery from scratch. If this journey has taught me anything, it's that craft cider doesn’t come with an instruction manual!  

Matt and I have diverse yet perfectly balanced talents that brought us to where we are today.  While Matt creates, I formulate. When Matt dreams big, I build bigger. Matt sketches the shape, and I shade in the details.  

My goal is simply to deliver an award-winning product to our friends and fans with each pint. I welcome you to follow our journey, visit our farm and discover our ciders for yourself.  We’ve never been shy to share both our triumphs and challenges -- we hope you’ll be a part of it. Cheers and welcome along!