Our Ciders

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Golden Mile - Golden Russet Cider

Our award-winning Golden Mile Cider is crafted with 100% Durham Region Golden Russet Apples and lightly sweetened with honey from our orchard in Port Perry to produce a semi-sweet cider with a refreshing semi-dry taste.

We named this cider in honour of the location of our first cidery.  Toronto’s Golden Mile, located at Eglinton and Warden, was constructed to support Canada’s WWII supply efforts. Afterward, this site became a hub of industry and prosperity; the Queen even stopped by to check it out.  Our cidery is located in one of these war-era buildings and also has a tunnel in the basement that once connected it to the other buildings in the neighbourhood!

Hex Press  - Dry Cider

Our Award-winning Hex Press is a UK-inspired dry cider that is crafted with a blend of Ontario heirloom and bittersweet cider apples to provide a fruit-forward nose followed and a full-bodied mouthfeel that has a refreshing proper cider finish.  

Hex symbols are deeply rooted in ancient farming traditions and were thought to contain magical powers that would bring good luck to the family, farm and community.  Here’s to your good luck!

Where can you buy Two Blokes Cider?

Line about how we have a bunch of retail partners and are always looking for more.